Asteriks Engineering Ltd is a civil engineering Company established in December 2003 with a view to offering innovative solutions to civil engineering Challenges. The firm was established to cut across players in the Civil engineering Construction sector and provide technical support for the management of infrastructure work.

The company offers technical support on specialized civil engineering tasks in the construction and design of bridges and specialized foundation construction.

Asteriks Engineering Ltd specializes in foundation engineering works covering design, construction management and quality control. In particular we undertake load testing of deep foundations using established methods covering dynamic and static testing. We also undertake integrity testing by Cross hole logging methods, low strain integrity testing by Pulse echo method.

We offer construction management services for offshore construction especially in foundation works.

We undertake geotechnical investigation works covering field works and desk top studies.


Asteriks Engineering Ltd. is a Company providing Professional Engineering construction solutions in Construction in civil engineering infrastructure. The firm is focused on being a leader in the provision of technical support in the management of foundations design, construction and testing in Civil engineering projects to various Civil engineering organizations ranging from Consultants, contractors and Developers.


The mission is to provide professional service in the field of technical support to the management of foundation design, construction and quality control at project inception stage and management of implementation of construction with consideration of the client’s technical and business requirements at minimum costs achieved by efficient and internally controlled quality assurance plans.

Asteriks Engineering Ltd. specializes in the provision of specialized Foundation solutions ranging from carrying out field and desktop geotechnical investigations including preparation of  the Engineering reports. The firm is also involved in the management of deep foundation design, construction and quality control testing. The tests comprise of pile load testing and NDT integrity testing


The Company aims at being a leader in the provision of  specialized foundation services and construction. The Company has invested in modern equipment for dee foundation testing including high strain dynamic load test PDA-8G, Cross hole logging equipment CHAMP-Q, OIT integrity testing with PIT-W Professional soft ware. In establishing high quality data collection the Company has LVDT strain measurement devices collected by Data Logger.

The company have several foundation deign software’s for carrying out deep foundation design.


The intent of the Company is to provide confidence in the Engineering industry on the importance of adopting modern and economical foundation solutions to maximize on returns for investments and provide sound engineering solutions for foundation challenges. The Company maintains a technology transfer policy that entails training of all relevant staff in the Construction and Engineering Industry who come within its areas of operation. This is to ensure that the region has personnel who are familiar with the modern technology in deep foundation testing.