Asteriks Engineering Ltd. offers the following range of services in engineering construction

  1. Planning, design, and coordination of project construction and implementation.
  2. Construction Management in the following
    1. Specialized foundation systems engineering reports foundation design and construction
    2. Bridge and drainage structures (box and pipe culverts) and related protection works
    3. Offshore marine engineering site investigation, design construction works

Specialized Foundation Services

Asteriks Engineering Ltd provides specialized services in the field of foundations engineering as follows

Engineering Reports on Foundation Investigation

Asteriks Engineering Ltd. provides technical support in the interpretation and presentation of Engineering reports from factual reports on geotechnical Investigation reports to recommend suitable foundation solutions.

Foundation Design

Asteriks Engineering Ltd. undertakes designs for special foundations covering deep basement foundation solutions, retaining structures for deep excavations, piled foundation, Foundation improvement and offshore design of marine structures

Foundation Construction and Management

Asteriks Engineering Ltd provides technical support for the management of construction of foundation systems.

Pile Foundation load bearing evaluation

Asterisks Engineering Ltd undertakes pile foundation capacity analysis in the form of pile load testing by static maintained load method using the Kentle Beam system or anchor pile system.These can be done to pile load testing capacities up to 1000 Tons test loads.

We also undertake non-destructive tests on foundation constructions e.g. Pile integrity tests.

Asteriks Engineering Ltd have owned equipment for performing high strain Dynamic load test and Cross hole logging

Bridge Engineering and construction works

The company offers experienced technical support in the management of bridge construction with emphasis on bridge foundation investigation, design and construction.

Offshore Marine works

The company offers experienced technical support in the management of Jetty or offshore structure foundation design and construction and maintenance.

Civil Engineering Construction and Management

Asteriks Engineering Ltd provides technical management construction services and also undertakes construction works.


All the works and services covering Engineering reports, pile load testing technical foundation design are carried out to international standards covering British, EU and American standards.

The company engages the consultants and contractors in detail as it plans and maps out the strategy in establishing engineering solutions and construction strategies.

Quotations and work plans are all prepared to be in line with principal contract requirements.


The Principal Director has over 36 years of extensive experience in the field of management of engineering works, covering planning, design and construction and engineering management.

The detailed CV of the Director is attached with the Special and specific experience in the fields of Bridge works, Foundation works and Offshore Marine works.

The Company has been involved in a wide range of civil engineering working through contracted services managed by the Director to various consulting and construction engineering firms and, clients