Project Description


Consultants JV: Nippon Koei

Engineering Consultants Main Contractor: Fujita Corporation

Piling Contractor MEDITERRANEAN GROUP EA (T) Ltd. P.O. Box 19150 Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Testing Agency: Asteriks Engineering Ltd

The works were subcontracted to Asteriks Engineering Ltd by Meditteranean Group Ltd of Tanzania who were the Piling contractors, to carry out the Pile load and integrity tests

The scope of work comprised of the following:

d)Design of the piles foundation for the Power station structures

a) Performing 2 static compression load test on in situ bored concrete piles 18.5m long. The test assembly comprised of an 8m long steel beam, 1000ton capacity loading jack, 700bar electric hydraulic pump and using using dial gauges 50mm max displacement. The anchor system comprised of two 600mm diameter piles 15m long. The anchor piles were designed by Asteriks Engineering ltd based maximum test loads and soil profile and properties established from the geotechnical investigation report.  The working load was 850 tons and the test load was 1275 tons equivalent to 150% of the working load. The tests were carried out in accordance with ASTM D1443 07 (reapproved 1994)

b) Performing 35 Pile integrity test by Pulse Echo method. The test was carried out to ASTM5882-07

The tests were carried out in March 2021