Project Description

  • Client/Employer: KENHA. The consultant was Ochieng Abuodha and Associates
  • Main Contractor: Lafey Construction Co Ltd
  • Testing Agency: Asteriks Engineering Ltd

The Pile load testing was for two tests pile by high strain dynamic load test and one by Static compression test for Marigat Bridge Static Test. The test pile was 800mm diameter in situ bored concrete piles 19m long. The main test beam was an 8m x 1.5m x 500mm welded steel girder. The anchor system comprised of 2 no welded plate girders 1250mm x 400mm as anchor beams on 4 no anchor piles 800mm diameter cast in-situ bored piles.

The working load was 3000kN and test load was 200% of working load, 2000kN. The test was by static compression load by maintained load system and was carried out to ASTM D1143 – 08. The test was carried out on 29th August 2019. Dynamic load test This pile load testing comprised of one High strain dynamic pile load test carried out for two tests piles insitu concrete bored pile 800mm diameterat the proposed site for Marigat Bridge. The test comprised the use of an impact device of a 7.3-ton hammer and using a PDA analyzer The Pile Driving Analyzer was used with CAPWAP software for the analysis.

The data selected for PDA and subsequent CAPWAP analysis on the piles was from maximum achieved load during driving and at the end of pile driving. The working load for the pile is 3000 kN and testing was carried out to confirm load of 6000kN representing 200% of the working load.The tested piles were driven 19m in length from the ground level. The tests were carried out on 4th November 2019 using a Pile Driving Analyzer and associated equipment.

The testing and dynamic pile field monitoring was carried out by Strainstall Middle East LLC and the test management was done by Asteriks Engineering Ltd Pile integrity tests was also carried out on the two test piles subjected to the high strain Dynamic load test. The test was carried out using the Pile integrity tester and performed to ASTM 5882 -07